Rhythm and Calendar

9:00     arrival
            circle time
            outdoor exploration or table craft
11:45   lunch
2:45     snack
            outdoor play
3-4:30 departure

Our schedule follows the same basic rhythm each day. We move from one area to the next as the children are naturally finished or a task is complete. Spending as much time as possible outdoors and "working", the children are naturally tired after lunch. We spend several hours resting each day.

In the middle of the day, 
  I rest my head, 
So later I may be at my best, 
  to run and sing, dance and play
I rest my head, 
in the middle of the day.

Circle time songs and games are seasonal.
We practice songs, movement games, dance and yoga- taking these away with us as we encounter the seasonal changes in the natural world. Giving children a firm understanding of where they are in the universe, provides a firm foundation to compare and contract against for the remainder of their lives.

One and Two, (alternate stomping feet)
One and Two, (alternate stomping feet)
Day (hands come up through the middle over head and open like the sunrise) and Night ( bring arms under head)
Me ( cross hands over chest) and you ( push hands toward friend)
One, two
Sun (hands together make a circle in the air) and Moon ( one hand makes a crescent going the other way)
Friends up high ( hands rise palms up, from chest to sky)
Like you ( push hand towards friend) and I (cross hands over chest).

Yoga series for 5 (Star)

There once was a little star in the big dark sky, 
 ( 5 pointed star pose)

It didnt shine very bright because it was very shy,  
( slowly scruntch into child’s pose with arms underneath)

But inside its heart was a warm and burning glow, 
( roll onto back and place hands on heart, feel heart beating and chest rise and fall) 

That glow guided the star wherever it may go, 
( bring hands together and push upward and open above body)

One day, that star decided to bring its light out to share, 
( open hands all the way to t-postion, push into the ground and roll onto hands and knees)

It started to expand all that loving energy everywhere,
( rise up slowly pushing energy from every part of body, push out hips, throat, fingers, knees chest)

Soon all the darkness was brighter then bright, 
( mountain, hands at heart center) 

As that little star filled all the sky with light.
( rise hands above head, arms open and step feet to 5 pointed star)

Gingerbread, Gingerbread
full of warm spice, 
Gingerbread, gingerbread 
in the kitchen is nice, 
Outside is chilly,
Outside is grey,
Inside smells lovely,
A sweet place to play.

Earth water and sky, 
We are nurtured day and night,
Our food is grown with love and care, 
That each of us may have our share, 
Blessed we are to sit in peace, 
And enjoy this daily feast.

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